Chung-Hsien (Chris) Ho / General Manager


Master of Science: Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC, 1981

Bachelor of Science: Civil Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, ROC, 1979

Professional Registration

Certified Professional Engineer for Environment Engineering, R.O.C., 1983

Mr. Ho has over 30 years of environmental engineering and management and related experience around Taiwan island-wide. From 1984 to 1990, while he worked for CTCI, he conducted the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Muzha refuse to Energy (Incinerator) Plant for Taipei City Government. He also conducted the planning for a demonstration site for hazardous solids waste treatment center in Taiwan for Taiwan EPA. He surveyed and investigated petrochemical plant environmental protection issues particularly in storm rainfall and wastewater collection and treatment for Chinese Petrochemical Corporation. He has also studied and provided wastewater pollution plans for more than seven governmental developed industrial parks in Taoyuan.

In 1990-1996, while working for AEPCO (Advanced Engineering & Planning Corporation, Inc., Taiwan Branch) as General Manager, Mr. Ho had implemented on-scene Prevention Coordinate Team (OSPCT) emergency plans and conducted more than 100 toxic chemicals management related toxicology information and in accordance with Toxic Substance Control Act for Taiwan EPA, CPC, and China Steel Corporation. In 1996-present, as the General Manager of Apollo Technology Co., Ltd, a leading soil and groundwater consulting firm in Taiwan, in the beginning period, he is as a consultant to supervise RCA's soil and groundwater remediation project at its Taoyuan site for seven years, which include conducting the EIA report of the site development and approved by Taiwan EPA. He also attended meetings to deal with GE/TCE representatives and EPA officers and committees. Moreover, he implemented Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and related land use of Taiwan northern LNG terminal project invested by Mobil's LNG Inc., and two power plants and two energy refuge plants for Ever Fortune Group. During the mid period, he has conducted more than five abandoned landfill and dump sites of the clean-up design and supervision for Taipei county and Kaohsiung city Environmental Protection Bureau in Taiwan. According to the role of resource recover and reuse, the sites are cleaned under the budgets within the limited schedule and redeveloped to be the residential area. He also successfully provided more than four pollution prevention plans for Chinese Petrochemical Corporation Kaohsiung plant including groundwater treatment, contaminated soil removal and treatment, and air pollution prevention to meet the Soil and Groundwater Remediation Act in Taiwan.

Recently, Mr. Ho has conducted two heavy metal soil contaminated sites of the clean-up engineering turn-key projects for Taiwan Ship Building Corp. and Taiwan Fertilizer Co., Ltd., which has been verified and approved cleaned-up by Keelung city EPB in Taiwan. He is now in charge of Nei-Hu refuse landfill site of the clean-up design and supervision for Taipei city EPB in Taiwan, which target is to clean-up more than two million cubic meters (2106 m3) of refuse.